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Fileadmin-bar.php                          [source] [1023 lines]  Toolbar API: Top-level Toolbar functionality
Fileatomlib.php                            [source] [394 lines]   Atom Syndication Format PHP Library
Fileauthor-template.php                    [source] [512 lines]   Author Template functions for use in themes. These functions must be used within the WordPress Loop.
Filebookmark-template.php                  [source] [304 lines]   Bookmark Template Functions for usage in Themes
Filebookmark.php                           [source] [421 lines]   Link/Bookmark API
Filecache.php                              [source] [757 lines]   Object Cache API
Filecanonical.php                          [source] [657 lines]   Canonical API to handle WordPress Redirecting Based on "Permalink Redirect" from Scott Yang and "Enforce www. Preference" by Mark Jaquith
Filecapabilities.php                       [source] [828 lines]   Core User Role & Capabilities API
Filecategory-template.php                  [source] [1417 lines]  Taxonomy API: Core category-specific template tags
Filecategory.php                           [source] [360 lines]   Taxonomy API: Core category-specific functionality
Fileclass-IXR.php                          [source] [60 lines]    IXR - The Incutio XML-RPC Library
Fileclass-feed.php                         [source] [18 lines]    Feed API
Fileclass-http.php                         [source] [1037 lines]  HTTP API: WP_Http class
Fileclass-json.php                         [source] [960 lines]   Converts to and from JSON format. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. It is easy for humans to read and write. It is easy for machines to parse and generate. It is based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language, Standard ECMA-262 3rd Edition - December 1999. This feature can also be found in Python. JSON is a text format that is completely language independent but uses conventions that are familiar to programmers of the C-family of languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Perl, TCL, and many others. These properties make JSON an ideal data-interchange language.
Fileclass-oembed.php                       [source] [723 lines]   API for fetching the HTML to embed remote content based on a provided URL Used internally by the WP_Embed class, but is designed to be generic.
Fileclass-phpass.php                       [source] [276 lines]   Portable PHP password hashing framework.
Fileclass-phpmailer.php                    [source] [4040 lines]  PHPMailer - PHP email creation and transport class. PHP Version 5
Fileclass-pop3.php                         [source] [662 lines]   
Fileclass-requests.php                     [source] [980 lines]   Requests for PHP Inspired by Requests for Python.
Fileclass-simplepie.php                    [source] [3094 lines]  
Fileclass-smtp.php                         [source] [1186 lines]  PHPMailer RFC821 SMTP email transport class. PHP Version 5
Fileclass-snoopy.php                       [source] [1259 lines]  Deprecated. Use WP_HTTP (http.php) instead.
Fileclass-walker-category-dropdown.php     [source] [80 lines]    Taxonomy API: Walker_CategoryDropdown class
Fileclass-walker-category.php              [source] [235 lines]   Taxonomy API: Walker_Category class
Fileclass-walker-comment.php               [source] [374 lines]   Comment API: Walker_Comment class
Fileclass-walker-nav-menu.php              [source] [266 lines]   Nav Menu API: Walker_Nav_Menu class
Fileclass-walker-page-dropdown.php         [source] [90 lines]    Post API: Walker_PageDropdown class
Fileclass-walker-page.php                  [source] [237 lines]   Post API: Walker_Page class
Fileclass-wp-admin-bar.php                 [source] [600 lines]   Toolbar API: WP_Admin_Bar class
Fileclass-wp-ajax-response.php             [source] [157 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-comment-query.php             [source] [1155 lines]  Comment API: WP_Comment_Query class
Fileclass-wp-comment.php                   [source] [395 lines]   Comment API: WP_Comment class
Fileclass-wp-customize-control.php         [source] [766 lines]   WordPress Customize Control classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-manager.php         [source] [4439 lines]  WordPress Customize Manager classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-nav-menus.php       [source] [1396 lines]  WordPress Customize Nav Menus classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-panel.php           [source] [399 lines]   WordPress Customize Panel classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-section.php         [source] [406 lines]   WordPress Customize Section classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-setting.php         [source] [975 lines]   WordPress Customize Setting classes
Fileclass-wp-customize-widgets.php         [source] [2096 lines]  WordPress Customize Widgets classes
Fileclass-wp-dependency.php                [source] [104 lines]   Dependencies API: _WP_Dependency class
Fileclass-wp-editor.php                    [source] [1730 lines]  Facilitates adding of the WordPress editor as used on the Write and Edit screens.
Fileclass-wp-embed.php                     [source] [386 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-error.php                     [source] [204 lines]   WordPress Error API. Contains the WP_Error class and the is_wp_error() function.
Fileclass-wp-feed-cache-transient.php      [source] [141 lines]   Feed API: WP_Feed_Cache_Transient class
Fileclass-wp-feed-cache.php                [source] [33 lines]    Feed API: WP_Feed_Cache class
Fileclass-wp-hook.php                      [source] [535 lines]   Plugin API: WP_Hook class
Fileclass-wp-http-cookie.php               [source] [241 lines]   HTTP API: WP_Http_Cookie class
Fileclass-wp-http-curl.php                 [source] [385 lines]   HTTP API: WP_Http_Curl class
Fileclass-wp-http-encoding.php             [source] [228 lines]   HTTP API: WP_Http_Encoding class
Fileclass-wp-http-ixr-client.php           [source] [124 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-http-proxy.php                [source] [219 lines]   HTTP API: WP_HTTP_Proxy class
Fileclass-wp-http-requests-hooks.php       [source] [76 lines]    HTTP API: Requests hook bridge class
Fileclass-wp-http-requests-response.php    [source] [209 lines]   HTTP API: WP_HTTP_Requests_Response class
Fileclass-wp-http-response.php             [source] [165 lines]   HTTP API: WP_HTTP_Response class
Fileclass-wp-http-streams.php              [source] [428 lines]   HTTP API: WP_Http_Streams class
Fileclass-wp-image-editor-gd.php           [source] [481 lines]   WordPress GD Image Editor
Fileclass-wp-image-editor-imagick.php      [source] [769 lines]   WordPress Imagick Image Editor
Fileclass-wp-image-editor.php              [source] [490 lines]   Base WordPress Image Editor
Fileclass-wp-list-util.php                 [source] [267 lines]   WordPress List utility class
Fileclass-wp-locale-switcher.php           [source] [240 lines]   Locale API: WP_Locale_Switcher class
Fileclass-wp-locale.php                    [source] [404 lines]   Locale API: WP_Locale class
Fileclass-wp-matchesmapregex.php           [source] [97 lines]    WP_MatchesMapRegex helper class
Fileclass-wp-meta-query.php                [source] [752 lines]   Meta API: WP_Meta_Query class
Fileclass-wp-metadata-lazyloader.php       [source] [176 lines]   Meta API: WP_Metadata_Lazyloader class
Fileclass-wp-network-query.php             [source] [559 lines]   Network API: WP_Network_Query class
Fileclass-wp-network.php                   [source] [408 lines]   Network API: WP_Network class
Fileclass-wp-oembed-controller.php         [source] [195 lines]   WP_oEmbed_Controller class, used to provide an oEmbed endpoint.
Fileclass-wp-post-type.php                 [source] [721 lines]   Post API: WP_Post_Type class
Fileclass-wp-post.php                      [source] [341 lines]   Post API: WP_Post class
Fileclass-wp-query.php                     [source] [4127 lines]  Query API: WP_Query class
Fileclass-wp-rewrite.php                   [source] [1954 lines]  Rewrite API: WP_Rewrite class
Fileclass-wp-role.php                      [source] [115 lines]   User API: WP_Role class
Fileclass-wp-roles.php                     [source] [288 lines]   User API: WP_Roles class
Fileclass-wp-session-tokens.php            [source] [318 lines]   Session API: WP_Session_Tokens class
Fileclass-wp-simplepie-file.php            [source] [72 lines]    Feed API: WP_SimplePie_File class
Fileclass-wp-simplepie-sanitize-kses.php   [source] [59 lines]    Feed API: WP_SimplePie_Sanitize_KSES class
Fileclass-wp-site-query.php                [source] [711 lines]   Site API: WP_Site_Query class
Fileclass-wp-site.php                      [source] [366 lines]   Site API: WP_Site class
Fileclass-wp-tax-query.php                 [source] [666 lines]   Taxonomy API: WP_Tax_Query class
Fileclass-wp-taxonomy.php                  [source] [453 lines]   Taxonomy API: WP_Taxonomy class
Fileclass-wp-term-query.php                [source] [977 lines]   Taxonomy API: WP_Term_Query class.
Fileclass-wp-term.php                      [source] [255 lines]   Taxonomy API: WP_Term class
Fileclass-wp-text-diff-renderer-inline.php [source] [33 lines]    Diff API: WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_inline class
Fileclass-wp-text-diff-renderer-table.php  [source] [509 lines]   Diff API: WP_Text_Diff_Renderer_Table class
Fileclass-wp-theme.php                     [source] [1517 lines]  WP_Theme Class
Fileclass-wp-user-meta-session-tokens.php  [source] [139 lines]   Session API: WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens class
Fileclass-wp-user-query.php                [source] [878 lines]   User API: WP_User_Query class
Fileclass-wp-user.php                      [source] [792 lines]   User API: WP_User class
Fileclass-wp-walker.php                    [source] [427 lines]   
Fileclass-wp-widget-factory.php            [source] [152 lines]   Widget API: WP_Widget_Factory class
Fileclass-wp-widget.php                    [source] [616 lines]   Widget API: WP_Widget base class
Fileclass-wp-xmlrpc-server.php             [source] [6587 lines]  XML-RPC protocol support for WordPress
Fileclass-wp.php                           [source] [748 lines]   
Fileclass.wp-dependencies.php              [source] [414 lines]   Dependencies API: WP_Dependencies base class
Fileclass.wp-scripts.php                   [source] [587 lines]   Dependencies API: WP_Scripts class
Fileclass.wp-styles.php                    [source] [407 lines]   Dependencies API: WP_Styles class
Filecomment-template.php                   [source] [2466 lines]  Comment template functions These functions are meant to live inside of the WordPress loop.
Filecomment.php                            [source] [3105 lines]  Core Comment API
Filecompat.php                             [source] [580 lines]   WordPress implementation for PHP functions either missing from older PHP versions or not included by default.
Filecron.php                               [source] [507 lines]   WordPress Cron API
Filedate.php                               [source] [1020 lines]  
Filedefault-constants.php                  [source] [362 lines]   Defines constants and global variables that can be overridden, generally in wp-config.php.
Filedefault-filters.php                    [source] [516 lines]   Sets up the default filters and actions for most of the WordPress hooks. If you need to remove a default hook, this file will give you the priority for which to use to remove the hook.
Filedefault-widgets.php                    [source] [65 lines]    Widget API: Default core widgets
Filedeprecated.php                         [source] [3880 lines]  Deprecated functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.
Fileembed-template.php                     [source] [13 lines]    Back-compat placeholder for the base embed template
Fileembed.php                              [source] [1087 lines]  oEmbed API: Top-level oEmbed functionality
Filefeed-atom-comments.php                 [source] [124 lines]   Atom Feed Template for displaying Atom Comments feed.
Filefeed-atom.php                          [source] [93 lines]    Atom Feed Template for displaying Atom Posts feed.
Filefeed-rdf.php                           [source] [88 lines]    RSS 1 RDF Feed Template for displaying RSS 1 Posts feed.
Filefeed-rss.php                           [source] [49 lines]    RSS 0.92 Feed Template for displaying RSS 0.92 Posts feed.
Filefeed-rss2-comments.php                 [source] [110 lines]   RSS2 Feed Template for displaying RSS2 Comments feed.
Filefeed-rss2.php                          [source] [124 lines]   RSS2 Feed Template for displaying RSS2 Posts feed.
Filefeed.php                               [source] [710 lines]   WordPress Feed API Many of the functions used in here belong in The Loop, or The Loop for the Feeds.
Fileformatting.php                         [source] [5365 lines]  Main WordPress Formatting API. Handles many functions for formatting output.
Filefunctions.php                          [source] [5646 lines]  Main WordPress API
Filefunctions.wp-scripts.php               [source] [336 lines]   Dependencies API: Scripts functions
Filefunctions.wp-styles.php                [source] [231 lines]   Dependencies API: Styles functions
Filegeneral-template.php                   [source] [3821 lines]  General template tags that can go anywhere in a template.
Filehttp.php                               [source] [743 lines]   Core HTTP Request API Standardizes the HTTP requests for WordPress. Handles cookies, gzip encoding and decoding, chunk decoding, if HTTP 1.1 and various other difficult HTTP protocol implementations.
Filekses.php                               [source] [1832 lines]  kses 0.2.2 - HTML/XHTML filter that only allows some elements and attributes Copyright (C) 2002, 2003, 2005 Ulf Harnhammar This program is free software and open source software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
Filel10n.php                               [source] [1326 lines]  Core Translation API
Filelink-template.php                      [source] [4146 lines]  WordPress Link Template Functions
Fileload.php                               [source] [1112 lines]  These functions are needed to load WordPress.
Filelocale.php                             [source] [10 lines]    Locale API
Filemedia-template.php                     [source] [1272 lines]  WordPress media templates.
Filemedia.php                              [source] [3952 lines]  WordPress API for media display.
Filemeta.php                               [source] [1212 lines]  Core Metadata API Functions for retrieving and manipulating metadata of various WordPress object types. Metadata for an object is a represented by a simple key-value pair. Objects may contain multiple metadata entries that share the same key and differ only in their value.
Filems-blogs.php                           [source] [1307 lines]  Site/blog functions that work with the blogs table and related data.
Filems-default-constants.php               [source] [164 lines]   Defines constants and global variables that can be overridden, generally in wp-config.php.
Filems-default-filters.php                 [source] [97 lines]    Sets up the default filters and actions for Multisite.
Filems-deprecated.php                      [source] [518 lines]   Deprecated functions from WordPress MU and the multisite feature. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version.
Filems-files.php                           [source] [83 lines]    Multisite upload handler.
Filems-functions.php                       [source] [2555 lines]  Multisite WordPress API
Filems-load.php                            [source] [558 lines]   These functions are needed to load Multisite.
Filems-settings.php                        [source] [114 lines]   Used to set up and fix common variables and include the Multisite procedural and class library. Allows for some configuration in wp-config.php (see ms-default-constants.php)
Filenav-menu-template.php                  [source] [541 lines]   Nav Menu API: Template functions
Filenav-menu.php                           [source] [1008 lines]  Navigation Menu functions
Fileoption.php                             [source] [2048 lines]  Option API
Filepluggable-deprecated.php               [source] [208 lines]   Deprecated pluggable functions from past WordPress versions. You shouldn't use these functions and look for the alternatives instead. The functions will be removed in a later version. Deprecated warnings are also thrown if one of these functions is being defined by a plugin.
Filepluggable.php                          [source] [2533 lines]  These functions can be replaced via plugins. If plugins do not redefine these functions, then these will be used instead.
Fileplugin.php                             [source] [910 lines]   The plugin API is located in this file, which allows for creating actions and filters and hooking functions, and methods. The functions or methods will then be run when the action or filter is called. The API callback examples reference functions, but can be methods of classes. To hook methods, you'll need to pass an array one of two ways.
Filepost-formats.php                       [source] [254 lines]   Post format functions.
Filepost-template.php                      [source] [1818 lines]  WordPress Post Template Functions. Gets content for the current post in the loop.
Filepost-thumbnail-template.php            [source] [253 lines]   WordPress Post Thumbnail Template Functions. Support for post thumbnails. Theme's functions.php must call add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' ) to use these.
Filepost.php                               [source] [6227 lines]  Core Post API
Filequery.php                              [source] [942 lines]   WordPress Query API The query API attempts to get which part of WordPress the user is on. It also provides functionality for getting URL query information.
Fileregistration-functions.php             [source] [7 lines]     Deprecated. No longer needed.
Fileregistration.php                       [source] [7 lines]     Deprecated. No longer needed.
Filerest-api.php                           [source] [1213 lines]  REST API functions.
Filerevision.php                           [source] [727 lines]   Post revision functions.
Filerewrite.php                            [source] [599 lines]   WordPress Rewrite API
Filerss-functions.php                      [source] [9 lines]     Deprecated. Use rss.php instead.
Filerss.php                                [source] [954 lines]   MagpieRSS: a simple RSS integration tool A compiled file for RSS syndication
Filescript-loader.php                      [source] [1437 lines]  WordPress scripts and styles default loader. Several constants are used to manage the loading, concatenating and compression of scripts and CSS: define('SCRIPT_DEBUG', true); loads the development (non-minified) versions of all scripts and CSS, and disables compression and concatenation, define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false); disables compression and concatenation of scripts and CSS, define('COMPRESS_SCRIPTS', false); disables compression of scripts, define('COMPRESS_CSS', false); disables compression of CSS, define('ENFORCE_GZIP', true); forces gzip for compression (default is deflate).
Filesession.php                            [source] [11 lines]    Session API
Fileshortcodes.php                         [source] [654 lines]   WordPress API for creating bbcode-like tags or what WordPress calls "shortcodes". The tag and attribute parsing or regular expression code is based on the Textpattern tag parser. A few examples are below:
Filetaxonomy.php                           [source] [4276 lines]  Core Taxonomy API
Filetemplate-loader.php                    [source] [82 lines]    Loads the correct template based on the visitor's url
Filetemplate.php                           [source] [692 lines]   Template loading functions.
Filetheme.php                              [source] [3123 lines]  Theme, template, and stylesheet functions.
Fileupdate.php                             [source] [734 lines]   A simple set of functions to check our version 1.0 update service.
Fileuser.php                               [source] [2545 lines]  Core User API
Filevars.php                               [source] [150 lines]   Creates common globals for the rest of WordPress Sets $pagenow global which is the current page. Checks for the browser to set which one is currently being used.
Fileversion.php                            [source] [35 lines]    The WordPress version string
Filewidgets.php                            [source] [1485 lines]  Core Widgets API This API is used for creating dynamic sidebar without hardcoding functionality into themes
Filewp-db.php                              [source] [3340 lines]  WordPress DB Class Original code from {@link http://php.justinvincent.com Justin Vincent (justin@visunet.ie)}
Filewp-diff.php                            [source] [21 lines]    WordPress Diff bastard child of old MediaWiki Diff Formatter.

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