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Feed API: WP_SimplePie_File class

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Class: WP_SimplePie_File  - X-Ref

Core class for fetching remote files and reading local files with SimplePie.

This uses Core's HTTP API to make requests, which gives plugins the ability
to hook into the process.

__construct( $url, $timeout = 10, $redirects = 5, $headers = null, $useragent = null, $force_fsockopen = false )   X-Ref

since: 2.8.0
since: 3.2.0 Updated to use a PHP5 constructor.
since: 5.6.1 Multiple headers are concatenated into a comma-separated string, rather than remaining
param: string       $url             Remote file URL.
param: int          $timeout         Optional. How long the connection should stay open in seconds.
param: int          $redirects       Optional. The number of allowed redirects. Default 5.
param: string|array $headers         Optional. Array or string of headers to send with the request.
param: string       $useragent       Optional. User-agent value sent. Default null.
param: bool         $force_fsockopen Optional. Whether to force opening internet or unix domain socket

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