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Dependencies API: _WP_Dependency class

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Class: _WP_Dependency  - X-Ref

Class _WP_Dependency

Helper class to register a handle and associated data.

__construct( ...$args )   X-Ref
Setup dependencies.

since: 2.6.0
since: 5.3.0 Formalized the existing `...$args` parameter by adding it
param: mixed ...$args Dependency information.

add_data( $name, $data )   X-Ref
Add handle data.

return: bool False if not scalar, true otherwise.
since: 2.6.0
param: string $name The data key to add.
param: mixed  $data The data value to add.

set_translations( $domain, $path = null )   X-Ref
Sets the translation domain for this dependency.

return: bool False if $domain is not a string, true otherwise.
since: 5.0.0
param: string $domain The translation textdomain.
param: string $path   Optional. The full file path to the directory containing translation files.

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