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Defines constants and global variables that can be overridden, generally in wp-config.php.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

wp_initial_constants()   X-Ref
Defines initial WordPress constants.

since: 3.0.0

wp_plugin_directory_constants()   X-Ref
Defines plugin directory WordPress constants.

Defines must-use plugin directory constants, which may be overridden in the sunrise.php drop-in.

since: 3.0.0

wp_cookie_constants()   X-Ref
Defines cookie-related WordPress constants.

Defines constants after multisite is loaded.

since: 3.0.0

wp_ssl_constants()   X-Ref
Defines SSL-related WordPress constants.

since: 3.0.0

wp_functionality_constants()   X-Ref
Defines functionality-related WordPress constants.

since: 3.0.0

wp_templating_constants()   X-Ref
Defines templating-related WordPress constants.

since: 3.0.0

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