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Dependencies API: WP_Styles class

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WP_Styles:: (9 methods):

Class: WP_Styles  - X-Ref

Core class used to register styles.

__construct()   X-Ref

since: 2.6.0

do_item( $handle, $group = false )   X-Ref
No description

add_inline_style( $handle, $code )   X-Ref
Adds extra CSS styles to a registered stylesheet.

return: bool True on success, false on failure.
since: 3.3.0
param: string $handle The style's registered handle.
param: string $code   String containing the CSS styles to be added.

print_inline_style( $handle, $display = true )   X-Ref
Prints extra CSS styles of a registered stylesheet.

return: string|bool False if no data exists, inline styles if `$display` is true,
since: 3.3.0
param: string $handle  The style's registered handle.
param: bool   $display Optional. Whether to print the inline style

all_deps( $handles, $recursion = false, $group = false )   X-Ref
Determines style dependencies.

return: bool True on success, false on failure.
since: 2.6.0
param: string|string[] $handles   Item handle (string) or item handles (array of strings).
param: bool            $recursion Optional. Internal flag that function is calling itself.
param: int|false       $group     Optional. Group level: level (int), no groups (false).

_css_href( $src, $ver, $handle )   X-Ref
Generates an enqueued style's fully-qualified URL.

return: string Style's fully-qualified URL.
since: 2.6.0
param: string $src    The source of the enqueued style.
param: string $ver    The version of the enqueued style.
param: string $handle The style's registered handle.

in_default_dir( $src )   X-Ref
Whether a handle's source is in a default directory.

return: bool True if found, false if not.
since: 2.8.0
param: string $src The source of the enqueued style.

do_footer_items()   X-Ref
Processes items and dependencies for the footer group.

HTML 5 allows styles in the body, grab late enqueued items and output them in the footer.

return: string[] Handles of items that have been processed.
since: 3.3.0

reset()   X-Ref
Resets class properties.

since: 3.3.0

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