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HTTP API: WP_Http_Curl class

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WP_Http_Curl:: (4 methods):

Class: WP_Http_Curl  - X-Ref

Core class used to integrate Curl as an HTTP transport.

HTTP request method uses Curl extension to retrieve the url.

Requires the Curl extension to be installed.

request( $url, $args = array()   X-Ref
Send a HTTP request to a URI using cURL extension.

return: array|WP_Error Array containing 'headers', 'body', 'response', 'cookies', 'filename'. A WP_Error instance upon error
since: 2.7.0
param: string       $url  The request URL.
param: string|array $args Optional. Override the defaults.

stream_headers( $handle, $headers )   X-Ref
Grabs the headers of the cURL request.

Each header is sent individually to this callback, so we append to the `$header` property
for temporary storage

return: int Length of the request headers.
since: 3.2.0
param: resource $handle  cURL handle.
param: string   $headers cURL request headers.

stream_body( $handle, $data )   X-Ref
Grabs the body of the cURL request.

The contents of the document are passed in chunks, so we append to the `$body`
property for temporary storage. Returning a length shorter than the length of
`$data` passed in will cause cURL to abort the request with `CURLE_WRITE_ERROR`.

return: int Total bytes of data written.
since: 3.6.0
param: resource $handle  cURL handle.
param: string   $data    cURL request body.

test( $args = array()   X-Ref
Determines whether this class can be used for retrieving a URL.

return: bool False means this class can not be used, true means it can.
since: 2.7.0
param: array $args Optional. Array of request arguments. Default empty array.

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