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Error Protection API: WP_Fatal_Error_Handler class

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WP_Fatal_Error_Handler:: (5 methods):

Class: WP_Fatal_Error_Handler  - X-Ref

Core class used as the default shutdown handler for fatal errors.

A drop-in 'fatal-error-handler.php' can be used to override the instance of this class and use a custom
implementation for the fatal error handler that WordPress registers. The custom class should extend this class and
can override its methods individually as necessary. The file must return the instance of the class that should be

handle()   X-Ref
Runs the shutdown handler.

This method is registered via `register_shutdown_function()`.

since: 5.2.0

detect_error()   X-Ref
Detects the error causing the crash if it should be handled.

return: array|null Error that was triggered, or null if no error received or if the error should not be handled.
since: 5.2.0

should_handle_error( $error )   X-Ref
Determines whether we are dealing with an error that WordPress should handle
in order to protect the admin backend against WSODs.

param: array $error Error information retrieved from error_get_last().
return: bool Whether WordPress should handle this error.
since: 5.2.0

display_error_template( $error )   X-Ref
Displays the PHP error template and sends the HTTP status code, typically 500.

A drop-in 'php-error.php' can be used as a custom template. This drop-in should control the HTTP status code and
print the HTML markup indicating that a PHP error occurred. Note that this drop-in may potentially be executed
very early in the WordPress bootstrap process, so any core functions used that are not part of
`wp-includes/load.php` should be checked for before being called.

If no such drop-in is available, this will call {@see WP_Fatal_Error_Handler::display_default_error_template()}.

param: array $error Error information retrieved from `error_get_last()`.
since: 5.2.0

display_default_error_template( $error )   X-Ref
Displays the default PHP error template.

This method is called conditionally if no 'php-error.php' drop-in is available.

It calls {@see wp_die()} with a message indicating that the site is experiencing technical difficulties and a
login link to the admin backend. The {@see 'wp_php_error_message'} and {@see 'wp_php_error_args'} filters can
be used to modify these parameters.

param: array $error Error information retrieved from `error_get_last()`.
since: 5.2.0

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