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Bookmark Template Functions for usage in Themes

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Functions that are not part of a class:

_walk_bookmarks( $bookmarks, $args = '' )   X-Ref
The formatted output of a list of bookmarks.

The $bookmarks array must contain bookmark objects and will be iterated over
to retrieve the bookmark to be used in the output.

The output is formatted as HTML with no way to change that format. However,
what is between, before, and after can be changed. The link itself will be

This function is used internally by wp_list_bookmarks() and should not be
used by themes.

since: 2.1.0
return: string Formatted output in HTML
param: array        $bookmarks List of bookmarks to traverse.
param: string|array $args {

wp_list_bookmarks( $args = '' )   X-Ref
Retrieve or echo all of the bookmarks.

List of default arguments are as follows:

These options define how the Category name will appear before the category
links are displayed, if 'categorize' is 1. If 'categorize' is 0, then it will
display for only the 'title_li' string and only if 'title_li' is not empty.

since: 2.1.0
return: void|string Void if 'echo' argument is true, HTML list of bookmarks if 'echo' is false.
param: string|array $args {

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