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WP_MatchesMapRegex helper class

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WP_MatchesMapRegex:: (4 methods):

Class: WP_MatchesMapRegex  - X-Ref

Helper class to remove the need to use eval to replace $matches[] in query strings.

__construct( $subject, $matches )   X-Ref

param: string $subject subject if regex
param: array  $matches data to use in map

apply( $subject, $matches )   X-Ref
Substitute substring matches in subject.

static helper function to ease use

param: string $subject subject
param: array  $matches data used for substitution
return: string

_map()   X-Ref
do the actual mapping

return: string

callback( $matches )   X-Ref
preg_replace_callback hook

param: array $matches preg_replace regexp matches
return: string

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