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Session API: WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens class

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WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens:: (8 methods):

Class: WP_User_Meta_Session_Tokens  - X-Ref

Meta-based user sessions token manager.

get_sessions()   X-Ref
Retrieves all sessions of the user.

return: array Sessions of the user.
since: 4.0.0

prepare_session( $session )   X-Ref
Converts an expiration to an array of session information.

return: array Session.
param: mixed $session Session or expiration.

get_session( $verifier )   X-Ref
Retrieves a session based on its verifier (token hash).

return: array|null The session, or null if it does not exist
param: string $verifier Verifier for the session to retrieve.
since: 4.0.0

update_session( $verifier, $session = null )   X-Ref
Updates a session based on its verifier (token hash).

param: string $verifier Verifier for the session to update.
param: array  $session  Optional. Session. Omitting this argument destroys the session.
since: 4.0.0

update_sessions( $sessions )   X-Ref
Updates the user's sessions in the usermeta table.

param: array $sessions Sessions.
since: 4.0.0

destroy_other_sessions( $verifier )   X-Ref
Destroys all sessions for this user, except the single session with the given verifier.

param: string $verifier Verifier of the session to keep.
since: 4.0.0

destroy_all_sessions()   X-Ref
Destroys all session tokens for the user.

since: 4.0.0

drop_sessions()   X-Ref
Destroys all sessions for all users.

since: 4.0.0

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