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Taxonomy API: WP_Term class

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get_instance( $term_id, $taxonomy = null )   X-Ref
Retrieve WP_Term instance.

return: WP_Term|WP_Error|false Term object, if found. WP_Error if `$term_id` is shared between taxonomies and
param: int    $term_id  Term ID.
param: string $taxonomy Optional. Limit matched terms to those matching `$taxonomy`. Only used for
since: 4.4.0

__construct( $term )   X-Ref

param: WP_Term|object $term Term object.
since: 4.4.0

filter( $filter )   X-Ref
Sanitizes term fields, according to the filter type provided.

param: string $filter Filter context. Accepts 'edit', 'db', 'display', 'attribute', 'js', 'rss', or 'raw'.
since: 4.4.0

to_array()   X-Ref
Converts an object to array.

return: array Object as array.
since: 4.4.0

__get( $key )   X-Ref

return: mixed Property value.
param: string $key Property to get.
since: 4.4.0

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