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WordPress GD Image Editor

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WP_Image_Editor_GD:: (16 methods):

Class: WP_Image_Editor_GD  - X-Ref

WordPress Image Editor Class for Image Manipulation through GD

__destruct()   X-Ref
GD Resource.

test( $args = array()   X-Ref
Checks to see if current environment supports GD.

since: 3.5.0
param: array $args
return: bool

supports_mime_type( $mime_type )   X-Ref
Checks to see if editor supports the mime-type specified.

since: 3.5.0
param: string $mime_type
return: bool

load()   X-Ref
Loads image from $this->file into new GD Resource.

since: 3.5.0
return: true|WP_Error True if loaded successfully; WP_Error on failure.

update_size( $width = false, $height = false )   X-Ref
No description

resize( $max_w, $max_h, $crop = false )   X-Ref
Resizes current image.

Wraps `::_resize()` which returns a GD resource or GdImage instance.

At minimum, either a height or width must be provided. If one of the two is set
to null, the resize will maintain aspect ratio according to the provided dimension.

since: 3.5.0
param: int|null $max_w Image width.
param: int|null $max_h Image height.
param: bool     $crop
return: true|WP_Error

_resize( $max_w, $max_h, $crop = false )   X-Ref

param: int        $max_w
param: int        $max_h
param: bool|array $crop
return: resource|GdImage|WP_Error

multi_resize( $sizes )   X-Ref
Create multiple smaller images from a single source.

Attempts to create all sub-sizes and returns the meta data at the end. This
may result in the server running out of resources. When it fails there may be few
"orphaned" images left over as the meta data is never returned and saved.

As of 5.3.0 the preferred way to do this is with `make_subsize()`. It creates
the new images one at a time and allows for the meta data to be saved after
each new image is created.

since: 3.5.0
param: array $sizes {
return: array An array of resized images' metadata by size.

make_subsize( $size_data )   X-Ref
Create an image sub-size and return the image meta data value for it.

since: 5.3.0
param: array $size_data {
return: array|WP_Error The image data array for inclusion in the `sizes` array in the image meta,

crop( $src_x, $src_y, $src_w, $src_h, $dst_w = null, $dst_h = null, $src_abs = false )   X-Ref
Crops Image.

since: 3.5.0
param: int  $src_x   The start x position to crop from.
param: int  $src_y   The start y position to crop from.
param: int  $src_w   The width to crop.
param: int  $src_h   The height to crop.
param: int  $dst_w   Optional. The destination width.
param: int  $dst_h   Optional. The destination height.
param: bool $src_abs Optional. If the source crop points are absolute.
return: true|WP_Error

rotate( $angle )   X-Ref
Rotates current image counter-clockwise by $angle.
Ported from image-edit.php

since: 3.5.0
param: float $angle
return: true|WP_Error

flip( $horz, $vert )   X-Ref
Flips current image.

since: 3.5.0
param: bool $horz Flip along Horizontal Axis.
param: bool $vert Flip along Vertical Axis.
return: true|WP_Error

save( $destfilename = null, $mime_type = null )   X-Ref
Saves current in-memory image to file.

since: 3.5.0
since: 5.9.0 Renamed `$filename` to `$destfilename` to match parent class
param: string|null $destfilename Optional. Destination filename. Default null.
param: string|null $mime_type    Optional. The mime-type. Default null.
return: array|WP_Error {'path'=>string, 'file'=>string, 'width'=>int, 'height'=>int, 'mime-type'=>string}

_save( $image, $filename = null, $mime_type = null )   X-Ref

param: resource|GdImage $image
param: string|null      $filename
param: string|null      $mime_type
return: array|WP_Error

stream( $mime_type = null )   X-Ref
Returns stream of current image.

since: 3.5.0
param: string $mime_type The mime type of the image.
return: bool True on success, false on failure.

make_image( $filename, $function, $arguments )   X-Ref
Either calls editor's save function or handles file as a stream.

since: 3.5.0
param: string   $filename
param: callable $function
param: array    $arguments
return: bool

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