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Error Protection API: WP_Recovery_Mode_Link_Handler class

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WP_Recovery_Mode_Link_Service:: (4 methods):

Class: WP_Recovery_Mode_Link_Service  - X-Ref

Core class used to generate and handle recovery mode links.

__construct( WP_Recovery_Mode_Cookie_Service $cookie_service, WP_Recovery_Mode_Key_Service $key_service )   X-Ref
WP_Recovery_Mode_Link_Service constructor.

since: 5.2.0
param: WP_Recovery_Mode_Cookie_Service $cookie_service Service to handle setting the recovery mode cookie.
param: WP_Recovery_Mode_Key_Service    $key_service    Service to handle generating recovery mode keys.

generate_url()   X-Ref
Generates a URL to begin recovery mode.

Only one recovery mode URL can may be valid at the same time.

return: string Generated URL.
since: 5.2.0

handle_begin_link( $ttl )   X-Ref
Enters recovery mode when the user hits wp-login.php with a valid recovery mode link.

since: 5.2.0
param: int $ttl Number of seconds the link should be valid for.

get_recovery_mode_begin_url( $token, $key )   X-Ref
Gets a URL to begin recovery mode.

return: string Recovery mode begin URL.
since: 5.2.0
param: string $token Recovery Mode token created by {@see generate_recovery_mode_token()}.
param: string $key   Recovery Mode key created by {@see generate_and_store_recovery_mode_key()}.

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