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Filebp-core-actions.php             [source] [131 lines]   BuddyPress Filters & Actions. This file contains the actions and filters that are used through-out BuddyPress. They are consolidated here to make searching for them easier, and to help developers understand at a glance the order in which things occur.
Filebp-core-admin.php               [source] [59 lines]    Main BuddyPress Admin Class.
Filebp-core-adminbar.php            [source] [97 lines]    BuddyPress Core Toolbar. Handles the core functions related to the WordPress Toolbar.
Filebp-core-attachments.php         [source] [1770 lines]  BuddyPress Attachments functions.
Filebp-core-avatars.php             [source] [2602 lines]  BuddyPress Avatars.
Filebp-core-blocks.php              [source] [414 lines]   Core BP Blocks functions.
Filebp-core-buddybar.php            [source] [984 lines]   Core BuddyPress Navigational Functions.
Filebp-core-cache.php               [source] [431 lines]   BuddyPress Core Caching Functions. Caching functions handle the clearing of cached objects and pages on specific actions throughout BuddyPress.
Filebp-core-caps.php                [source] [489 lines]   BuddyPress Capabilities.
Filebp-core-catchuri.php            [source] [1100 lines]  BuddyPress URI catcher. Functions for parsing the URI and determining which BuddyPress template file to use on-screen.
Filebp-core-component.php           [source] [15 lines]    Component classes.
Filebp-core-cssjs.php               [source] [584 lines]   Core component CSS & JS.
Filebp-core-customizer-email.php    [source] [428 lines]   BuddyPress Customizer implementation for email.
Filebp-core-dependency.php          [source] [799 lines]   Plugin Dependency Action Hooks. The purpose of the following hooks is to mimic the behavior of something called 'plugin dependency' which enables a plugin to have plugins of their own in a safe and reliable way.
Filebp-core-filters.php             [source] [1291 lines]  BuddyPress Filters. This file contains the filters that are used throughout BuddyPress. They are consolidated here to make searching for them easier, and to help developers understand at a glance the order in which things occur.
Filebp-core-functions.php           [source] [4676 lines]  BuddyPress Common Functions.
Filebp-core-loader.php              [source] [23 lines]    BuddyPress Core Loader. Core contains the commonly used functions, classes, and APIs.
Filebp-core-moderation.php          [source] [362 lines]   BuddyPress Moderation Functions.
Filebp-core-options.php             [source] [726 lines]   BuddyPress Options.
Filebp-core-rest-api.php            [source] [391 lines]   Core REST API functions.
Filebp-core-taxonomy.php            [source] [502 lines]   BuddyPress taxonomy functions. Most BuddyPress taxonomy functions are wrappers for their WordPress counterparts. Because BuddyPress can be activated in various ways in a network environment, we must switch to the root blog before using the WP functions.
Filebp-core-template-loader.php     [source] [701 lines]   BuddyPress Template Functions. This file contains functions necessary to mirror the WordPress core template loading process. Many of those functions are not filterable, and even then would not be robust enough to predict where BuddyPress templates might exist.
Filebp-core-template.php            [source] [3925 lines]  Core component template tag functions.
Filebp-core-theme-compatibility.php [source] [1018 lines]  BuddyPress Core Theme Compatibility.
Filebp-core-update.php              [source] [1033 lines]  BuddyPress Updater.
Filebp-core-widgets.php             [source] [105 lines]   BuddyPress Core Component Widgets.
Filebp-core-wpabstraction.php       [source] [430 lines]   WordPress Abstraction. The functions within this file will detect the version of WordPress you are running and will alter the environment so BuddyPress can run regardless.

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