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Fileavatar.js         [source] [898 lines]   Remove the bp-legacy UI bp.Avatar successfully loaded, we can now safely remove the Legacy UI.
Filebp-api-request.js [source] [48 lines]    jQuery.ajax wrapper for BP REST API requests.
Filebp-plupload.js    [source] [422 lines]   Extend the bp global with what we need from the wp one. and make sure previously defined BuddyPress attributes are not removed (eg: bp.mentions)
Fileconfirm.js        [source] [12 lines]    
Filecover-image.js    [source] [283 lines]   Reset the Attachment object. You can run extra actions once the cover image is set using: bp.CoverImage.Attachment.on( 'change:url', function( data ) { your code } );
Filejquery-query.js   [source] [6 lines]     
Filewebcam.js         [source] [320 lines]   
Filewidget-members.js [source] [60 lines]    

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