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BuddyPress Updater.

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bp_is_install()   X-Ref
Is this a fresh installation of BuddyPress?

If there is no raw DB version, we infer that this is the first installation.

since: 1.7.0
return: bool True if this is a fresh BP install, otherwise false.

bp_is_update()   X-Ref
Is this a BuddyPress update?

Determined by comparing the registered BuddyPress version to the version
number stored in the database. If the registered version is greater, it's
an update.

since: 1.6.0
return: bool True if update, otherwise false.

bp_is_activation( $basename = '' )   X-Ref
Determine whether BuddyPress is in the process of being activated.

since: 1.6.0
param: string $basename BuddyPress basename.
return: bool True if activating BuddyPress, false if not.

bp_is_deactivation( $basename = '' )   X-Ref
Determine whether BuddyPress is in the process of being deactivated.

since: 1.6.0
param: string $basename BuddyPress basename.
return: bool True if deactivating BuddyPress, false if not.

bp_version_bump()   X-Ref
Update the BP version stored in the database to the current version.

since: 1.6.0

bp_setup_updater()   X-Ref
Set up the BuddyPress updater.

since: 1.6.0

bp_version_updater()   X-Ref
Initialize an update or installation of BuddyPress.

BuddyPress's version updater looks at what the current database version is,
and runs whatever other code is needed - either the "update" or "install"

This is most often used when the data schema changes, but should also be used
to correct issues with BuddyPress metadata silently on software update.

since: 1.7.0

bp_pre_schema_upgrade()   X-Ref
Perform database operations that must take place before the general schema upgrades.

`dbDelta()` cannot handle certain operations - like changing indexes - so we do it here instead.

since: 2.3.0

bp_update_to_1_5()   X-Ref
Remove unused metadata from database when upgrading from < 1.5.

Database update methods based on version numbers.

since: 1.7.0

bp_update_to_1_6()   X-Ref
Remove unused metadata from database when upgrading from < 1.6.0.

Database update methods based on version numbers.

since: 1.7.0

bp_update_to_1_9()   X-Ref
Add the notifications component to active components.

Notifications was added in 1.9.0, and previous installations will already
have the core notifications API active. We need to add the new Notifications
component to the active components option to retain existing functionality.

since: 1.9.0

bp_update_to_1_9_2()   X-Ref
Perform database updates for BP 1.9.2.

In 1.9, BuddyPress stopped registering its theme directory when it detected
that bp-default (or a child theme) was not currently being used, in effect
deprecating bp-default. However, this ended up causing problems when site
admins using bp-default would switch away from the theme temporarily:
bp-default would no longer be available, with no obvious way (outside of
a manual filter) to restore it. In 1.9.2, we add an option that flags
whether bp-default or a child theme is active at the time of upgrade; if so,

the theme directory will continue to be registered even if the theme is
deactivated temporarily. Thus, new installations will not see bp-default,
but legacy installations using the theme will continue to see it.

since: 1.9.2

bp_update_to_2_0()   X-Ref
2.0 update routine.

- Ensure that the activity tables are installed, for last_activity storage.
- Migrate last_activity data from usermeta to activity table.
- Add values for all BuddyPress options to the options table.

since: 2.0.0

bp_update_to_2_0_1()   X-Ref
2.0.1 database upgrade routine.

since: 2.0.1

bp_update_to_2_2()   X-Ref
2.2.0 update routine.

- Add messages meta table.
- Update the component field of the 'new members' activity type.
- Clean up hidden friendship activities.

since: 2.2.0

bp_update_to_2_3()   X-Ref
2.3.0 update routine.

- Add notifications meta table.

since: 2.3.0

bp_update_to_2_5()   X-Ref
2.5.0 update routine.

- Add emails.

since: 2.5.0

bp_update_to_2_7()   X-Ref
2.7.0 update routine.

- Add email unsubscribe salt.
- Save legacy directory titles to the corresponding WP pages.
- Add ignore deprecated code option (false for updates).

since: 2.7.0

bp_get_fullname_field_id_for_update()   X-Ref
Retuns needed the fullname field ID for an update task.

since: 8.0.0
return: int The fullname field ID.

bp_update_to_5_0()   X-Ref
5.0.0 update routine.

- Make sure the custom visibility is disabled for the default profile field.
- Create the invitations table.
- Migrate requests and invitations to the new table.

since: 5.0.0

bp_update_to_8_0()   X-Ref
8.0.0 update routine.

- Edit the `new_avatar` activity type's component to `members`.
- Upgrade Primary xProfile Group's fields to signup fields.

since: 8.0.0

bp_core_get_8_0_upgrade_email_schema( $emails )   X-Ref
Select only the emails that need to be installed with version 8.0.

since: 8.0.0
param: array $emails The array of emails schema.

bp_migrate_new_member_activity_component()   X-Ref
Updates the component field for new_members type.

since: 2.2.0

bp_cleanup_friendship_activities()   X-Ref
Remove all hidden friendship activities.

since: 2.2.0

bp_migrate_directory_page_titles()   X-Ref
Update WP pages so that their post_title matches the legacy component directory title.

As of 2.7.0, component directory titles come from the `post_title` attribute of the corresponding WP post object,
instead of being hardcoded. To ensure that directory titles don't change for existing installations, we update these
WP posts with the formerly hardcoded titles.

since: 2.7.0

bp_add_activation_redirect()   X-Ref
Redirect user to BP's What's New page on first page load after activation.

since: 1.7.0

bp_core_maybe_install_signups()   X-Ref
Check if the signups table needs to be created or upgraded.

since: 2.0.0

bp_activation()   X-Ref
Fire activation hooks and events.

Runs on BuddyPress activation.

since: 1.6.0

bp_deactivation()   X-Ref
Fire deactivation hooks and events.

Runs on BuddyPress deactivation.

since: 1.6.0

bp_uninstall()   X-Ref
Fire uninstall hook.

Runs when uninstalling BuddyPress.

since: 1.6.0

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