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BuddyPress Customizer implementation for email.

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bp_email_init_customizer( WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize )   X-Ref
Initialize the Customizer for emails.

since: 2.5.0
param: WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize The Customizer object.

bp_is_email_customizer()   X-Ref
Are we looking at the email customizer?

since: 2.5.0
return: bool

bp_email_customizer_hide_sections( $active, $section )   X-Ref
Only show email sections in the Customizer.

since: 2.5.0
param: bool                 $active  Whether the Customizer section is active.
param: WP_Customize_Section $section {@see WP_Customize_Section} instance.
return: bool

bp_email_get_customizer_sections()   X-Ref
Get Customizer sections for emails.

since: 2.5.0
return: array

bp_email_get_customizer_settings()   X-Ref
Get Customizer settings for emails.

since: 2.5.0
return: array

bp_email_get_customizer_controls()   X-Ref
Get Customizer controls for emails.

since: 2.5.0
return: array

bp_email_redirect_to_customizer()   X-Ref
Implements a JS redirect to the Customizer, previewing a randomly selected email.

since: 2.5.0

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