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File1.2.php         [source] [52 lines]    Deprecated Functions
File1.5.php         [source] [713 lines]   Deprecated Functions
File1.6.php         [source] [278 lines]   Deprecated Functions
File1.7.php         [source] [162 lines]   Deprecated Functions
File1.9.php         [source] [267 lines]   BuddyPress Member Notifications Backwards compatibility functions and filters used for member notifications. Use bp-notifications instead.
File2.0.php         [source] [32 lines]    Deprecated Functions
File2.1.php         [source] [624 lines]   Deprecated functions
File2.2.php         [source] [116 lines]   Deprecated functions
File2.3.php         [source] [24 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File2.4.php         [source] [25 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File2.5.php         [source] [934 lines]   Deprecated functions.
File2.6.php         [source] [50 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File2.7.php         [source] [26 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File2.8.php         [source] [213 lines]   Deprecated functions.
File2.9.php         [source] [30 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File3.0.php         [source] [195 lines]   Deprecated functions.
File4.0.php         [source] [21 lines]    Deprecated functions.
File6.0.php         [source] [159 lines]   Deprecated functions.

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