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BuddyPress Core Toolbar. Handles the core functions related to the WordPress Toolbar.

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bp_admin_bar_my_account_root()   X-Ref
Add the secondary BuddyPress area to the my-account menu.

since: 1.6.0

bp_core_load_admin_bar()   X-Ref
Toggle the display of the toolbar based on certain conditions.

since: 1.2.0

bp_core_load_admin_bar_css()   X-Ref
Handle the enqueueing of toolbar CSS.

This function exists mostly for backwards compatibility reasons, so anyone
previously unhooking this function can continue to do so. It's hooked to
the `bp_init` action in `bp-core-actions.php`.

since: 1.5.0

bp_core_enqueue_admin_bar_css()   X-Ref
Enqueue supplemental WordPress Toolbar styling.

since: 2.1.0

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