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Fileadvanced-permissions.php [source] [99 lines]    
Fileassets-loader.php        [source] [142 lines]   Defines default styles and scripts.
Filecli.php                  [source] [31 lines]    
Filedefault-filters.php      [source] [67 lines]    Sets up the default filters and actions for most of the GlotPress hooks.
Fileformat.php               [source] [110 lines]   GlotPress Format base class. It is supposed to be inherited.
Filegp.php                   [source] [168 lines]   GP class
Fileinstall-upgrade.php      [source] [47 lines]    Install/Upgrade routines for the database.
Filemeta.php                 [source] [208 lines]   Functions for retrieving and manipulating metadata of various GlotPress object types.
Filemisc.php                 [source] [706 lines]   
Filerewrite.php              [source] [110 lines]   Defines GlotPress rewrite rules and query vars.
Fileroute.php                [source] [360 lines]   
Filerouter.php               [source] [232 lines]   
Fileschema.php               [source] [235 lines]   
Filestrings.php              [source] [220 lines]   
Filesystem.php               [source] [81 lines]    
Filetemplate-links.php       [source] [381 lines]   Link Template Functions
Filetemplate.php             [source] [689 lines]   
Filething.php                [source] [769 lines]   Things: GP_Thing class
Fileurl.php                  [source] [183 lines]   Functions, which deal with URLs: manipulation, generation
Filevalidation.php           [source] [230 lines]   Translation Validation API
Filewarnings.php             [source] [818 lines]   Translation warnings API

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