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Defines GlotPress rewrite rules and query vars.

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gp_generate_rewrite_rules( $gp_base = false )   X-Ref
Generate the WP rewrite rules.

return: array Rewrite rules that transform the URL structure
param: string|bool $gp_base Optional. The base of all GlotPress URLs.
since: 1.0.0

gp_rewrite_rules()   X-Ref
Add WP rewrite rules to avoid WP thinking that GP pages are 404.

since: 1.0.0

gp_query_vars( $query_vars )   X-Ref
Query vars for GP rewrite rules

since: 1.0.0

gp_run_route()   X-Ref
GP run route

since: 1.0.0

is_glotpress()   X-Ref
Determine if the page requested is handled by GlotPress.

return: bool Whether the request is handled by GlotPress.
since: 1.0.0

gp_set_is_home_false( $query )   X-Ref
Sets `WP_Query->is_home` to false during GlotPress requests.

param: WP_Query $query The WP_Query instance.
since: 1.0.0

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