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Functions that are not part of a class:

gp_recurse_project_permissions( $verdict, $args )   X-Ref
Filter for can_user, which tries if the user
has permissions on project parents

gp_recurse_validator_permission( $verdict, $args )   X-Ref
No description

gp_route_translation_set_permissions_to_validator_permissions( $verdict, $args )   X-Ref
No description

gp_allow_everyone_to_translate( $verdict, $args )   X-Ref
No description

gp_allow_approving_translations_with_validator_permissions( $verdict, $args )   X-Ref
Maps the translation check to the translation-set.

return: string|bool New decision whether the user can do this.
param: string|bool $verdict Previous decision whether the user can do this.
param: array       $args    Permission details.
since: 2.3.0

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