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Functions that are not part of a class:

gp_set_globals( $vars )   X-Ref
Makes all key/value pairs in $vars global variables

gp_init()   X-Ref
Initializes rewrite rules and provides the 'gp_init' action.

since: 1.0.0

gp_parse_request()   X-Ref
Fires during the WP parse_request hook to check to see if we're on a GlotPress page, if so
we can abort the main WP_Query logic as we won't need it in GlotPress.
a matching page.

since: 1.0.0

gp_abort_main_wp_query( $sql, WP_Query $wp_query )   X-Ref
Prevents executing WP_Query's default queries on GlotPress requests.

The following code effectively avoid running the main WP_Query queries by setting values before
they are run.

since: 1.0.0
return: string|false False if GlotPress request, SQL query if not.
param: array    $sql  The complete SQL query.
param: WP_Query $wp_query The WP_Query instance (passed by reference).

gp_delete_user_permissions( $user_id )   X-Ref
Deletes user's permissions when they are deleted from WordPress
via WP's 'deleted_user' action.

since: 1.0.0

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