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Fileaccordion.js                   [source] [94 lines]    Accordion-folding functionality. Markup with the appropriate classes will be automatically hidden, with one section opening at a time when its title is clicked. Use the following markup structure for accordion behavior:
Fileaccordion.min.js               [source] [2 lines]     
Fileapplication-passwords.js       [source] [219 lines]   
Fileapplication-passwords.min.js   [source] [2 lines]     
Fileauth-app.js                    [source] [165 lines]   
Fileauth-app.min.js                [source] [2 lines]     
Filecode-editor.js                 [source] [346 lines]   
Filecode-editor.min.js             [source] [2 lines]     
Filecolor-picker.js                [source] [356 lines]   
Filecolor-picker.min.js            [source] [2 lines]     
Filecomment.js                     [source] [102 lines]   
Filecomment.min.js                 [source] [2 lines]     
Filecommon.js                      [source] [2079 lines]  
Filecommon.min.js                  [source] [2 lines]     
Filecustom-background.js           [source] [147 lines]   
Filecustom-background.min.js       [source] [2 lines]     
Filecustom-header.js               [source] [88 lines]    
Filecustomize-controls.js          [source] [9353 lines]  
Filecustomize-controls.min.js      [source] [2 lines]     
Filecustomize-nav-menus.js         [source] [3429 lines]  
Filecustomize-nav-menus.min.js     [source] [2 lines]     
Filecustomize-widgets.js           [source] [2372 lines]  
Filecustomize-widgets.min.js       [source] [2 lines]     
Filedashboard.js                   [source] [839 lines]   
Filedashboard.min.js               [source] [2 lines]     
Fileedit-comments.js               [source] [1356 lines]  Handles updating and editing comments.
Fileedit-comments.min.js           [source] [2 lines]     
Fileeditor-expand.js               [source] [1617 lines]  
Fileeditor-expand.min.js           [source] [2 lines]     
Fileeditor.js                      [source] [1416 lines]  
Fileeditor.min.js                  [source] [2 lines]     
Filefarbtastic.js                  [source] [276 lines]   Link to the given element(s) or callback.
Filegallery.js                     [source] [241 lines]   
Filegallery.min.js                 [source] [2 lines]     
Fileimage-edit.js                  [source] [1237 lines]  The functions necessary for editing images.
Fileimage-edit.min.js              [source] [2 lines]     
Fileinline-edit-post.js            [source] [599 lines]   This file contains the functions needed for the inline editing of posts.
Fileinline-edit-post.min.js        [source] [2 lines]     
Fileinline-edit-tax.js             [source] [294 lines]   This file is used on the term overview page to power quick-editing terms.
Fileinline-edit-tax.min.js         [source] [2 lines]     
Fileiris.min.js                    [source] [5 lines]     
Filelanguage-chooser.js            [source] [36 lines]    
Filelanguage-chooser.min.js        [source] [2 lines]     
Filelink.js                        [source] [140 lines]   
Filelink.min.js                    [source] [2 lines]     
Filemedia-gallery.js               [source] [43 lines]    This file is used on media-upload.php which has been replaced by media-new.php and upload.php
Filemedia-gallery.min.js           [source] [2 lines]     
Filemedia-upload.js                [source] [113 lines]   Contains global functions for the media upload within the post edit screen. Updates the ThickBox anchor href and the ThickBox's own properties in order to set the size and position on every resize event. Also adds a function to send HTML or text to the currently active editor.
Filemedia-upload.min.js            [source] [2 lines]     
Filemedia.js                       [source] [242 lines]   Creates a dialog containing posts that can have a particular media attached to it.
Filemedia.min.js                   [source] [2 lines]     
Filenav-menu.js                    [source] [1560 lines]  WordPress Administration Navigation Menu Interface JS functions
Filenav-menu.min.js                [source] [2 lines]     
Filepassword-strength-meter.js     [source] [149 lines]   
Filepassword-strength-meter.min.js [source] [2 lines]     
Fileplugin-install.js              [source] [229 lines]   
Fileplugin-install.min.js          [source] [2 lines]     
Filepost.js                        [source] [1375 lines]  
Filepost.min.js                    [source] [2 lines]     
Filepostbox.js                     [source] [654 lines]   Contains the postboxes logic, opening and closing postboxes, reordering and saving the state and ordering to the database.
Filepostbox.min.js                 [source] [2 lines]     
Fileprivacy-tools.js               [source] [346 lines]   Interactions used by the User Privacy tools in WordPress.
Fileprivacy-tools.min.js           [source] [2 lines]     
Filerevisions.js                   [source] [1175 lines]  
Filerevisions.min.js               [source] [2 lines]     
Fileset-post-thumbnail.js          [source] [28 lines]    
Fileset-post-thumbnail.min.js      [source] [2 lines]     
Filesite-health.js                 [source] [452 lines]   Interactions used by the Site Health modules in WordPress.
Filesite-health.min.js             [source] [2 lines]     
Filesvg-painter.js                 [source] [238 lines]   Attempt to re-color SVG icons used in the admin menu or the toolbar
Filesvg-painter.min.js             [source] [2 lines]     
Filetags-box.js                    [source] [440 lines]   
Filetags-box.min.js                [source] [2 lines]     
Filetags-suggest.js                [source] [209 lines]   Default settings for jQuery UI Autocomplete for use with non-hierarchical taxonomies.
Filetags-suggest.min.js            [source] [2 lines]     
Filetags.js                        [source] [167 lines]   Contains logic for deleting and adding tags. For deleting tags it makes a request to the server to delete the tag. For adding tags it makes a request to the server to add the tag.
Filetags.min.js                    [source] [2 lines]     
Filetheme-plugin-editor.js         [source] [1026 lines]  
Filetheme-plugin-editor.min.js     [source] [2 lines]     
Filetheme.js                       [source] [2114 lines]  
Filetheme.min.js                   [source] [2 lines]     
Fileupdates.js                     [source] [3003 lines]  Functions for ajaxified updates, deletions and installs inside the WordPress admin.
Fileupdates.min.js                 [source] [2 lines]     
Fileuser-profile.js                [source] [491 lines]   
Fileuser-profile.min.js            [source] [2 lines]     
Fileuser-suggest.js                [source] [64 lines]    Suggests users in a multisite environment. For input fields where the admin can select a user based on email or username, this script shows an autocompletion menu for these inputs. Should only be used in a multisite environment. Only users in the currently active site are shown.
Fileuser-suggest.min.js            [source] [2 lines]     
Filewidgets.js                     [source] [763 lines]   
Filewidgets.min.js                 [source] [2 lines]     
Fileword-count.js                  [source] [220 lines]   Word or character counting functionality. Count words or characters in a provided text string.
Fileword-count.min.js              [source] [2 lines]     
Filexfn.js                         [source] [23 lines]    Generates the XHTML Friends Network 'rel' string from the inputs.
Filexfn.min.js                     [source] [2 lines]     

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