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handleErrorResponse( xhr, textStatus, errorThrown )   X-Ref
Handles an error response from the REST API.

param: {jqXHR} xhr The XHR object from the ajax call.
param: {string} textStatus The string categorizing the ajax request's status.
param: {string} errorThrown The HTTP status error text.
since: 5.6.0

addNotice( message, type )   X-Ref
Displays a message in the Application Passwords section.

returns: {jQuery} The notice element.
param: {string} message The message to display.
param: {string} type    The notice type. Either 'success' or 'error'.
since: 5.6.0

clearNotices()   X-Ref
Clears notice messages from the Application Passwords section.

since: 5.6.0

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