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Fileabout.php                 [source] [375 lines]   About This Version administration panel.
Fileadmin-ajax.php            [source] [207 lines]   WordPress Ajax Process Execution
Fileadmin-footer.php          [source] [119 lines]   WordPress Administration Template Footer
Fileadmin-functions.php       [source] [15 lines]    Administration Functions
Fileadmin-header.php          [source] [315 lines]   WordPress Administration Template Header
Fileadmin-post.php            [source] [87 lines]    WordPress Generic Request (POST/GET) Handler Intended for form submission handling in themes and plugins.
Fileadmin.php                 [source] [420 lines]   WordPress Administration Bootstrap
Fileasync-upload.php          [source] [156 lines]   Server-side file upload handler from wp-plupload or other asynchronous upload methods.
Fileauthorize-application.php [source] [325 lines]   Authorize Application Screen
Filecomment.php               [source] [374 lines]   Comment Management Screen
Filecredits.php               [source] [142 lines]   Credits administration panel.
Filecustom-background.php     [source] [15 lines]    Custom background script.
Filecustom-header.php         [source] [15 lines]    Custom header image script.
Filecustomize.php             [source] [296 lines]   Theme Customize Screen.
Fileedit-comments.php         [source] [372 lines]   Edit Comments Administration Screen.
Fileedit-form-advanced.php    [source] [742 lines]   Post advanced form for inclusion in the administration panels.
Fileedit-form-blocks.php      [source] [339 lines]   The block editor page.
Fileedit-form-comment.php     [source] [253 lines]   Edit comment form for inclusion in another file.
Fileedit-link-form.php        [source] [171 lines]   Edit links form for inclusion in administration panels.
Fileedit-tag-form.php         [source] [317 lines]   Edit tag form for inclusion in administration panels.
Fileedit-tags.php             [source] [691 lines]   Edit Tags Administration Screen.
Fileedit.php                  [source] [492 lines]   Edit Posts Administration Screen.
Fileerase-personal-data.php   [source] [162 lines]   Privacy tools, Erase Personal Data screen.
Fileexport-personal-data.php  [source] [162 lines]   Privacy tools, Export Personal Data screen.
Fileexport.php                [source] [326 lines]   WordPress Export Administration Screen
Filefreedoms.php              [source] [110 lines]   Your Rights administration panel.
Fileimport.php                [source] [241 lines]   Import WordPress Administration Screen
Fileindex.php                 [source] [211 lines]   Dashboard Administration Screen
Fileinstall-helper.php        [source] [210 lines]   Plugins may load this file to gain access to special helper functions for plugin installation. This file is not included by WordPress and it is recommended, to prevent fatal errors, that this file is included using require_once. These functions are not optimized for speed, but they should only be used once in a while, so speed shouldn't be a concern. If it is and you are needing to use these functions a lot, you might experience time outs. If you do, then it is advised to just write the SQL code yourself.
Fileinstall.php               [source] [458 lines]   WordPress Installer
Filelink-add.php              [source] [32 lines]    Add Link Administration Screen.
Filelink-manager.php          [source] [143 lines]   Link Management Administration Screen.
Filelink-parse-opml.php       [source] [97 lines]    Parse OPML XML files and store in globals.
Filelink.php                  [source] [127 lines]   Manage link administration actions.
Fileload-scripts.php          [source] [68 lines]    
Fileload-styles.php           [source] [92 lines]    
Filemedia-new.php             [source] [90 lines]    Manage media uploaded file.
Filemedia-upload.php          [source] [119 lines]   Manage media uploaded file. There are many filters in here for media. Plugins can extend functionality by hooking into the filters.
Filemedia.php                 [source] [178 lines]   Media management action handler.
Filemenu-header.php           [source] [307 lines]   Displays Administration Menu.
Filemenu.php                  [source] [394 lines]   Build Administration Menu.
Filemoderation.php            [source] [12 lines]    Comment Moderation Administration Screen.
Filems-admin.php              [source] [13 lines]    Multisite administration panel.
Filems-delete-site.php        [source] [139 lines]   Multisite delete site panel.
Filems-edit.php               [source] [13 lines]    Action handler for Multisite administration panels.
Filems-options.php            [source] [12 lines]    Multisite network settings administration panel.
Filems-sites.php              [source] [13 lines]    Multisite sites administration panel.
Filems-themes.php             [source] [13 lines]    Multisite themes administration panel.
Filems-upgrade-network.php    [source] [13 lines]    Multisite upgrade administration panel.
Filems-users.php              [source] [13 lines]    Multisite users administration panel.
Filemy-sites.php              [source] [165 lines]   My Sites dashboard.
Filenav-menus.php             [source] [1154 lines]  WordPress Administration for Navigation Menus Interface functions
Filenetwork.php               [source] [123 lines]   Network installation administration panel.
Fileoptions-discussion.php    [source] [332 lines]   Discussion settings administration panel.
Fileoptions-general.php       [source] [409 lines]   General settings administration panel.
Fileoptions-head.php          [source] [18 lines]    WordPress Options Header.
Fileoptions-media.php         [source] [165 lines]   Media settings administration panel.
Fileoptions-permalink.php     [source] [447 lines]   Permalink Settings Administration Screen.
Fileoptions-privacy.php       [source] [312 lines]   Privacy Settings Screen.
Fileoptions-reading.php       [source] [221 lines]   Reading settings administration panel.
Fileoptions-writing.php       [source] [240 lines]   Writing settings administration panel.
Fileoptions.php               [source] [418 lines]   Options Management Administration Screen. If accessed directly in a browser this page shows a list of all saved options along with editable fields for their values. Serialized data is not supported and there is no way to remove options via this page. It is not linked to from anywhere else in the admin.
Fileplugin-editor.php         [source] [342 lines]   Edit plugin file editor administration panel.
Fileplugin-install.php        [source] [209 lines]   Install plugin administration panel.
Fileplugins.php               [source] [784 lines]   Plugins administration panel.
Filepost-new.php              [source] [83 lines]    New Post Administration Screen.
Filepost.php                  [source] [369 lines]   Edit post administration panel. Manage Post actions: post, edit, delete, etc.
Filepress-this.php            [source] [87 lines]    Press This Display and Handler.
Fileprivacy-policy-guide.php  [source] [93 lines]    Privacy Policy Guide Screen.
Fileprivacy.php               [source] [70 lines]    Privacy administration panel.
Fileprofile.php               [source] [18 lines]    User Profile Administration Screen.
Filerevision.php              [source] [173 lines]   Revisions administration panel Requires wp-admin/includes/revision.php.
Filesetup-config.php          [source] [487 lines]   Retrieves and creates the wp-config.php file. The permissions for the base directory must allow for writing files in order for the wp-config.php to be created using this page.
Filesite-editor.php           [source] [142 lines]   Site Editor administration screen.
Filesite-health-info.php      [source] [137 lines]   Tools Administration Screen.
Filesite-health.php           [source] [302 lines]   Tools Administration Screen.
Fileterm.php                  [source] [75 lines]    Edit Term Administration Screen.
Filetheme-editor.php          [source] [388 lines]   Theme file editor administration panel.
Filetheme-install.php         [source] [560 lines]   Install theme administration panel.
Filethemes.php                [source] [1181 lines]  Themes administration panel.
Filetools.php                 [source] [99 lines]    Tools Administration Screen.
Fileupdate-core.php           [source] [1273 lines]  Update Core administration panel.
Fileupdate.php                [source] [364 lines]   Update/Install Plugin/Theme administration panel.
Fileupgrade-functions.php     [source] [12 lines]    WordPress Upgrade Functions. Old file, must not be used. Include wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php instead.
Fileupgrade.php               [source] [161 lines]   Upgrade WordPress Page.
Fileupload.php                [source] [390 lines]   Media Library administration panel.
Fileuser-edit.php             [source] [941 lines]   Edit user administration panel.
Fileuser-new.php              [source] [644 lines]   New User Administration Screen.
Fileusers.php                 [source] [661 lines]   User administration panel
Filewidgets-form-blocks.php   [source] [82 lines]    The block-based widgets editor, for use in widgets.php.
Filewidgets-form.php          [source] [566 lines]   The classic widget administration screen, for use in widgets.php.
Filewidgets.php               [source] [35 lines]    Widget administration screen.

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