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Functions that are not part of a class:

focusConstructWithBreadcrumb( focusConstruct, returnConstruct )   X-Ref
Focus (expand) one construct and then focus on another construct after the first is collapsed.

This overrides the back button to serve the purpose of breadcrumb navigation.

param: {wp.customize.Section|wp.customize.Panel|wp.customize.Control} focusConstruct - The object to initially focus.
param: {wp.customize.Section|wp.customize.Panel|wp.customize.Control} returnConstruct - The object to return focus.

onceCollapsed( isExpanded )   X-Ref
No description

parseWidgetId( widgetId )   X-Ref

param: {String} widgetId
returns: {Object}

widgetIdToSettingId( widgetId )   X-Ref

param: {String} widgetId
returns: {String} settingId

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