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Fileclass-bp-messages-box-template.php            [source] [368 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Box Template Class.
Fileclass-bp-messages-component.php               [source] [479 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Loader. A private messages component, for users to send messages to each other.
Fileclass-bp-messages-message.php                 [source] [300 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Classes.
Fileclass-bp-messages-notice.php                  [source] [337 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Classes.
Fileclass-bp-messages-notices-admin.php           [source] [252 lines]   BuddyPress messages component Site-wide Notices admin screen.
Fileclass-bp-messages-notices-list-table.php      [source] [172 lines]   BuddyPress messages admin site-wide notices list table class.
Fileclass-bp-messages-sitewide-notices-widget.php [source] [127 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Sitewide Notices Widget.
Fileclass-bp-messages-thread-template.php         [source] [183 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Thread Template Class.
Fileclass-bp-messages-thread.php                  [source] [1158 lines]  BuddyPress Messages Classes.

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