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BuddyPress Messages Box Template Class.

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BP_Messages_Box_Template:: (6 methods):

Class: BP_Messages_Box_Template  - X-Ref

Message Box Template Class

__construct( $args = array()   X-Ref
Constructor method.

param: array $args {

has_threads()   X-Ref
Whether there are threads available in the loop.

return: bool True if there are items in the loop, otherwise false.

next_thread()   X-Ref
Set up the next member and iterate index.

return: BP_Messages_Thread The next member to iterate over.

rewind_threads()   X-Ref
Rewind the threads and reset thread index.

message_threads()   X-Ref
Whether there are threads left in the loop to iterate over.

This method is used by {@link bp_message_threads()} as part of the
while loop that controls iteration inside the threads loop, eg:
while ( bp_message_threads() ) { ...

return: bool True if there are more threads to show, otherwise false.

the_message_thread()   X-Ref
Set up the current thread inside the loop.

Used by {@link bp_message_thread()} to set up the current thread data
while looping, so that template tags used during that iteration make
reference to the current thread.

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