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Filebp-messages-admin.php         [source] [14 lines]    BuddyPress Members component admin screens.
Filebp-messages-cache.php         [source] [104 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Caching. Caching functions handle the clearing of cached objects and pages on specific actions throughout BuddyPress.
Filebp-messages-cssjs.php         [source] [75 lines]    BuddyPress Messages CSS and JS.
Filebp-messages-filters.php       [source] [150 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Filters. Apply WordPress defined filters to private messages.
Filebp-messages-functions.php     [source] [735 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Functions. Business functions are where all the magic happens in BuddyPress. They will handle the actual saving or manipulation of information. Usually they will hand off to a database class for data access, then return true or false on success or failure.
Filebp-messages-loader.php        [source] [23 lines]    BuddyPress Messages Loader. A private messages component, for users to send messages to each other.
Filebp-messages-notifications.php [source] [299 lines]   BuddyPress Messages Notifications.
Filebp-messages-star.php          [source] [384 lines]   Functions related to starring private messages.
Filebp-messages-template.php      [source] [2193 lines]  BuddyPress Messages Template Tags.
Filebp-messages-widgets.php       [source] [21 lines]    BuddyPress Messages Widgets.

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