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BuddyPress Messages Classes.

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BP_Messages_Notice:: (9 methods):

Class: BP_Messages_Notice  - X-Ref

BuddyPress Notices class.

Use this class to create, activate, deactivate or delete notices.

__construct( $id = null )   X-Ref

since: 1.0.0
param: int|null $id Optional. The ID of the current notice.

populate()   X-Ref
Populate method.

Runs during constructor.

since: 1.0.0

save()   X-Ref
Saves a notice.

since: 1.0.0
return: bool

activate()   X-Ref
Activates a notice.

since: 1.0.0
return: bool

deactivate()   X-Ref
Deactivates a notice.

since: 1.0.0
return: bool

delete()   X-Ref
Deletes a notice.

since: 1.0.0
return: bool

get_notices( $args = array()   X-Ref
Pulls up a list of notices.

To get all notices, pass a value of -1 to pag_num.

since: 1.0.0
param: array $args {
return: array List of notices to display.

get_total_notice_count()   X-Ref
Returns the total number of recorded notices.

since: 1.0.0
return: int

get_active()   X-Ref
Returns the active notice that should be displayed on the front end.

since: 1.0.0
return: BP_Messages_Notice

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