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Deprecated functions.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

bp_activity_check_blacklist_keys( $activity )   X-Ref
Mark the posted activity as spam, if it contains disallowed keywords.

Use bp_activity_check_disallowed_keys() instead.

param: BP_Activity_Activity $activity The activity object to check.
since: 1.6.0

bp_core_check_for_blacklist( $user_id = 0, $title = '', $content = '', $error_type = 'bool' )   X-Ref
Check for blocked keys.

Use bp_core_check_for_disallowed_keys() instead.

param: int    $user_id    User ID.
param: string $title      The title of the content.
param: string $content    The content being posted.
param: string $error_type The error type to return. Either 'bool' or 'wp_error'.
return: bool|WP_Error True if test is passed, false if fail.
since: 1.6.0
since: 2.6.0 Added $error_type parameter.

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