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Deprecated functions.

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bp_core_fetch_avatar_filter( $avatar, $user, $size, $default, $alt = '', $args = array()   X-Ref
Replace default WordPress avatars with BP avatars, if available.

See 'get_avatar' filter description in wp-includes/pluggable.php.

since: 1.1.0
since: 2.4.0 Added $args parameter to coincide with WordPress 4.2.0.
param: string            $avatar  The avatar path passed to 'get_avatar'.
param: int|string|object $user    A user ID, email address, or comment object.
param: int               $size    Size of the avatar image ('thumb' or 'full').
param: string            $default URL to a default image to use if no avatar is available.
param: string            $alt     Alternate text to use in image tag. Default: ''.
param: array             $args    Arguments passed to get_avatar_data(), after processing.
return: string BP avatar path, if found; else the original avatar path.

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