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Deprecated Functions

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Functions that are not part of a class:

bp_maintenance_mode()   X-Ref
Output the BuddyPress maintenance mode

since: 1.6.0

bp_get_maintenance_mode()   X-Ref
Return the BuddyPress maintenance mode

since: 1.6.0
return: string The BuddyPress maintenance mode

xprofile_get_profile()   X-Ref

bp_get_profile_header()   X-Ref

bp_exists( $component_name )   X-Ref

param: string $component_name
return: boolean

bp_get_plugin_sidebar()   X-Ref

bp_core_allow_default_theme( $themes )   X-Ref
On multiblog installations you must first allow themes to be activated and
show up on the theme selection screen. This function will let the BuddyPress
bundled themes show up on the root blog selection screen and bypass this
step. It also means that the themes won't show for selection on other blogs.

return: array

bp_is_page( $page = '' )   X-Ref
No longer used by BuddyPress core

param: string $page
return: boolean True if is BuddyPress page

bp_update_db_stuff()   X-Ref
This function was originally used to update pre-1.1 schemas, but that was
before we had a legitimate update process.

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