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Fileclass-bp-group-extension.php                     [source] [1699 lines]  BuddyPress Groups Classes.
Fileclass-bp-group-member-query.php                  [source] [476 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Classes.
Fileclass-bp-groups-component.php                    [source] [1172 lines]  BuddyPress Groups Component Class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-group-members-template.php       [source] [285 lines]   BuddyPress Groups group members loop template class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-group.php                        [source] [1927 lines]  BuddyPress Groups Classes.
Fileclass-bp-groups-invitation-manager.php           [source] [195 lines]   Group invitations class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-invite-template.php              [source] [314 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Invitation template loop class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-list-table.php                   [source] [872 lines]   BuddyPress Groups admin list table class. Props to WordPress core for the Comments admin screen, and its contextual help text, on which this implementation is heavily based.
Fileclass-bp-groups-member-suggestions.php           [source] [173 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Classes.
Fileclass-bp-groups-member.php                       [source] [1414 lines]  BuddyPress Groups Classes.
Fileclass-bp-groups-membership-requests-template.php [source] [260 lines]   BuddyPress Groups membership request template loop class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-template.php                     [source] [415 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Template loop class.
Fileclass-bp-groups-theme-compat.php                 [source] [267 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Theme Compat.
Fileclass-bp-groups-widget.php                       [source] [251 lines]   BuddyPress Groups Widget.

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