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Fileclass-twentytwenty-customize.php           [source] [542 lines]   Customizer settings for this theme.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-non-latin-languages.php [source] [137 lines]   Non-latin language handling. Handle non-latin language styles.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-script-loader.php       [source] [51 lines]    Javascript Loader Class Allow `async` and `defer` while enqueuing Javascript.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-separator-control.php   [source] [30 lines]    Customizer Separator Control settings for this theme.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-svg-icons.php           [source] [328 lines]   Custom icons for this theme.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-walker-comment.php      [source] [152 lines]   Custom comment walker for this theme.
Fileclass-twentytwenty-walker-page.php         [source] [154 lines]   Custom page walker for this theme.

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