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Customizer settings for this theme.

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TwentyTwenty_Customize:: (8 methods):

Class: TwentyTwenty_Customize  - X-Ref


register( $wp_customize )   X-Ref
Register customizer options.

param: WP_Customize_Manager $wp_customize Theme Customizer object.

sanitize_accent_accessible_colors( $value )   X-Ref
Sanitization callback for the "accent_accessible_colors" setting.

return: array Returns sanitized value. Each item in the array gets sanitized separately.
since: Twenty Twenty 1.0
param: array $value The value we want to sanitize.

sanitize_select( $input, $setting )   X-Ref
Sanitize select.

return: string The input from the setting or the default setting.
param: string $input The input from the setting.
param: object $setting The selected setting.

sanitize_checkbox( $checked )   X-Ref
Sanitize boolean for checkbox.

return: bool
param: bool $checked Whether or not a box is checked.

twentytwenty_customize_partial_blogname()   X-Ref
Render the site title for the selective refresh partial.

twentytwenty_customize_partial_blogdescription()   X-Ref
Render the site description for the selective refresh partial.

twentytwenty_customize_partial_site_logo()   X-Ref
Render the site logo for the selective refresh partial.

Doing it this way so we don't have issues with `render_callback`'s arguments.

twentytwenty_customize_opacity_range()   X-Ref
Input attributes for cover overlay opacity option.

return: array Array containing attribute names and their values.

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