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Filebp-blogs-activity.php  [source] [1470 lines]  BuddyPress Blogs Activity.
Filebp-blogs-cache.php     [source] [68 lines]    BuddyPress Blogs Caching. Caching functions handle the clearing of cached objects and pages on specific actions throughout BuddyPress.
Filebp-blogs-filters.php   [source] [163 lines]   Filters related to the Blogs component.
Filebp-blogs-functions.php [source] [1463 lines]  Blogs component functions.
Filebp-blogs-loader.php    [source] [25 lines]    BuddyPress Blogs Loader The blogs component tracks posts and comments to member activity streams, shows blogs the member can post to in their profiles, and caches useful information from those blogs to make querying blogs in bulk more performant.
Filebp-blogs-template.php  [source] [1544 lines]  BuddyPress Blogs Template Tags.
Filebp-blogs-widgets.php   [source] [23 lines]    BuddyPress Blogs Widgets.

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