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Fileclass-bp-blogs-blog.php                [source] [665 lines]   BuddyPress Blogs Classes.
Fileclass-bp-blogs-component.php           [source] [382 lines]   BuddyPress Blogs Loader The blogs component tracks posts and comments to member activity streams, shows blogs the member can post to in their profiles, and caches useful information from those blogs to make querying blogs in bulk more performant.
Fileclass-bp-blogs-recent-posts-widget.php [source] [170 lines]   BuddyPress Blogs Recent Posts Widget.
Fileclass-bp-blogs-template.php            [source] [246 lines]   BuddyPress Blogs Template Class.
Fileclass-bp-blogs-theme-compat.php        [source] [201 lines]   BuddyPress Blogs Theme Compatibility.

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