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Fileclass-bp-activity-activity.php         [source] [1999 lines]  BuddyPress Activity Classes
Fileclass-bp-activity-component.php        [source] [568 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Streams Loader. An activity stream component, for users, groups, and site tracking.
Fileclass-bp-activity-feed.php             [source] [476 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Classes.
Fileclass-bp-activity-list-table.php       [source] [915 lines]   BuddyPress Activity component admin list table. Props to WordPress core for the Comments admin screen, and its contextual help text, on which this implementation is heavily based.
Fileclass-bp-activity-oembed-extension.php [source] [329 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Classes.
Fileclass-bp-activity-query.php            [source] [247 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Classes
Fileclass-bp-activity-template.php         [source] [415 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Template.
Fileclass-bp-activity-theme-compat.php     [source] [180 lines]   BuddyPress Activity Theme Compatibility.
Fileclass-bp-akismet.php                   [source] [694 lines]   Akismet support for BuddyPress' Activity Stream.

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