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BP_Activity_Query:: (5 methods):

Class: BP_Activity_Query  - X-Ref

Class for generating the WHERE SQL clause for advanced activity fetching.

This is notably used in {@link BP_Activity_Activity::get()} with the
'filter_query' parameter.

__construct( $query = array()   X-Ref

param: array $query {
since: 2.2.0

get_sql( $alias = 'a' )   X-Ref
Generates WHERE SQL clause to be appended to a main query.

return: string SQL fragment to append to the main WHERE clause.
param: string $alias An existing table alias that is compatible with the current query clause.
since: 2.2.0

get_sql_for_clause( $clause, $parent_query )   X-Ref
Generate WHERE clauses for a first-order clause.

return: array {
param: array $clause       Array of arguments belonging to the clause.
param: array $parent_query Parent query to which the clause belongs.
since: 2.2.0

is_first_order_clause( $query )   X-Ref
Determine whether a clause is first-order.

return: bool
param: array $query Clause to check.
since: 2.2.0

validate_column( $column = '' )   X-Ref
Validates a column name parameter.

Column names are checked against a list of known tables.
See {@link BP_Activity_Query::db_tables}.

return: string A validated column name value.
param: string $column The user-supplied column name.
since: 2.2.0

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