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Fileactivity.php      [source] [619 lines]   bbPress BuddyPress Activity Class
Filefunctions.php     [source] [908 lines]   Main bbPress BuddyPress Class
Filegroups.php        [source] [1730 lines]  bbPress BuddyPress Group Extension Class This file is responsible for connecting bbPress to the BuddyPress Groups Component. It's a great example of how to perform both simple and advanced techniques to manipulate the default output provided by both.
Fileindex.php         [source] [5 lines]     Do not modify the files in this folder.
Fileloader.php        [source] [389 lines]   bbPress BuddyPress Component Class bbPress and BuddyPress are designed to connect together seamlessly and invisibly, and this is the hunk of code necessary to make that happen.
Filemembers.php       [source] [241 lines]   bbPress BuddyPress Members Class
Filenotifications.php [source] [244 lines]   bbPress BuddyPress Notifications

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