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bbPress BuddyPress Component Class bbPress and BuddyPress are designed to connect together seamlessly and invisibly, and this is the hunk of code necessary to make that happen.

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BBP_Forums_Component:: (9 methods):

Class: BBP_Forums_Component  - X-Ref

Loads Forums Component

__construct()   X-Ref
Start the forums component creation process

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3552)

includes( $includes = array()   X-Ref
Include BuddyPress classes and functions

setup_globals( $args = array()   X-Ref
Setup globals

The BP_FORUMS_SLUG constant is deprecated, and only used here for
backwards compatibility.

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3552)

setup_actions()   X-Ref
Setup the actions

since: 2.0.0 bbPress (r3395)

setup_components()   X-Ref
Instantiate classes for BuddyPress integration

since: 2.0.0 bbPress (r3395)

fully_loaded()   X-Ref
Allow the variables, actions, and filters to be modified by third party
plugins and themes.

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3902)

setup_nav( $main_nav = array()   X-Ref
Setup BuddyBar navigation

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3552)

setup_admin_bar( $wp_admin_nav = array()   X-Ref
Set up the admin bar

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3552)

setup_title()   X-Ref
Sets up the title for pages and <title>

since: 2.1.0 bbPress (r3552)

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