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Block navigation areas functions.

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register_navigation_areas( $new_areas )   X-Ref
Registers the navigation areas supported by the current theme. The expected
shape of the argument is:
'primary'   => 'Primary',
'secondary' => 'Secondary',
'tertiary'  => 'Tertiary',

param: array $new_areas Supported navigation areas.
since: 5.9.0

_wp_register_default_navigation_areas()   X-Ref
Register the default navigation areas.

since: 5.9.0

get_navigation_areas()   X-Ref
Returns the available navigation areas.

return: array Registered navigation areas.
since: 5.9.0

_wp_migrate_menu_to_navigation_post( $new_name, WP_Theme $new_theme, WP_Theme $old_theme )   X-Ref
Migrates classic menus to a block-based navigation post on theme switch.
Assigns the created navigation post to the corresponding navigation area.

param: string   $new_name  Name of the new theme.
param: WP_Theme $new_theme New theme.
param: WP_Theme $old_theme Old theme.
since: 5.9.0

_wp_get_menu_items_at_location( $location )   X-Ref
Returns the menu items for a WordPress menu location.

return: array Menu items for the location.
param: string $location The menu location.
since: 5.9.0

_wp_sort_menu_items_by_parent_id( $menu_items )   X-Ref
Sorts a standard array of menu items into a nested structure keyed by the
id of the parent menu.

return: array An array keyed by the id of the parent menu where each element
param: array $menu_items Menu items to sort.
since: 5.9.0

_wp_parse_blocks_from_menu_items( $menu_items, $menu_items_by_parent_id )   X-Ref
Turns menu item data into a nested array of parsed blocks

return: array An array of parsed block data.
param: array $menu_items               An array of menu items that represent
param: array $menu_items_by_parent_id  An array keyed by the id of the
since: 5.9.0

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