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Filefooter-about-title-logo.php                        [source] [32 lines]    Footer with text, title, and logo
Filefooter-blog.php                                    [source] [55 lines]    Blog footer
Filefooter-dark.php                                    [source] [23 lines]    Dark footer wtih title and citation
Filefooter-default.php                                 [source] [23 lines]    Default footer
Filefooter-logo.php                                    [source] [23 lines]    Default footer with logo
Filefooter-navigation-copyright.php                    [source] [24 lines]    Footer with navigation and copyright
Filefooter-navigation.php                              [source] [25 lines]    Footer with navigation and citation
Filefooter-query-images-title-citation.php             [source] [41 lines]    Footer with query, featured images, title, and citation
Filefooter-query-title-citation.php                    [source] [39 lines]    Footer with query, title, and citation
Filefooter-social-copyright.php                        [source] [28 lines]    Footer with social links and copyright
Filefooter-title-tagline-social.php                    [source] [26 lines]    Footer with title, tagline, and social links on a dark background
Filegeneral-divider-dark.php                           [source] [13 lines]    Divider with image and color (dark) block pattern
Filegeneral-divider-light.php                          [source] [13 lines]    Divider with image and color (light) block pattern
Filegeneral-featured-posts.php                         [source] [25 lines]    Featured posts block pattern
Filegeneral-image-with-caption.php                     [source] [19 lines]    Image with caption block pattern
Filegeneral-large-list-names.php                       [source] [35 lines]    Large list of names block pattern
Filegeneral-layered-images-with-duotone.php            [source] [13 lines]    Layered images with duotone block pattern
Filegeneral-list-events.php                            [source] [133 lines]   List of events block pattern
Filegeneral-pricing-table.php                          [source] [93 lines]    Pricing table block pattern
Filegeneral-subscribe.php                              [source] [27 lines]    Subscribe callout block pattern
Filegeneral-two-images-text.php                        [source] [47 lines]    Two images with text block pattern
Filegeneral-video-header-details.php                   [source] [47 lines]    Video with header and details block pattern
Filegeneral-video-trailer.php                          [source] [27 lines]    Video trailer block pattern
Filegeneral-wide-image-intro-buttons.php               [source] [41 lines]    Wide image with introduction and buttons block pattern
Fileheader-centered-logo-black-background.php          [source] [22 lines]    Header with centered logo and black background
Fileheader-centered-logo.php                           [source] [26 lines]    Header with centered logo block pattern
Fileheader-centered-title-navigation-social.php        [source] [30 lines]    Centered header with navigation, social links, and salmon background block pattern
Fileheader-default.php                                 [source] [23 lines]    Default header block pattern
Fileheader-image-background-overlay.php                [source] [20 lines]    Header with image background and overlay block pattern
Fileheader-image-background.php                        [source] [24 lines]    Header with image background block pattern
Fileheader-large-dark.php                              [source] [34 lines]    Large header with dark background block pattern
Fileheader-logo-navigation-gray-background.php         [source] [18 lines]    Logo and navigation header with gray background
Fileheader-logo-navigation-offset-tagline.php          [source] [30 lines]    Logo, navigation, and offset tagline Header block pattern
Fileheader-logo-navigation-social-black-background.php [source] [24 lines]    Logo, navigation, and social links header with black background block pattern
Fileheader-small-dark.php                              [source] [31 lines]    Small header with dark background block pattern
Fileheader-stacked.php                                 [source] [28 lines]    Logo and navigation header block pattern
Fileheader-text-only-green-background.php              [source] [22 lines]    Text-only header with green background block pattern
Fileheader-text-only-salmon-background.php             [source] [18 lines]    Text-only header with salmon background block pattern
Fileheader-text-only-with-tagline-black-background.php [source] [22 lines]    Text-only header with tagline and black background block pattern
Fileheader-title-and-button.php                        [source] [18 lines]    Title and button header block pattern
Fileheader-title-navigation-social.php                 [source] [24 lines]    Title, navigation, and social links header block pattern
Fileheader-with-tagline.php                            [source] [26 lines]    Header with tagline block pattern
Filehidden-404.php                                     [source] [15 lines]    404 content.
Filehidden-bird.php                                    [source] [14 lines]    Bird image
Filehidden-heading-and-bird.php                        [source] [21 lines]    Heading and bird image
Filepage-about-large-image-and-buttons.php             [source] [79 lines]    About page with large image and buttons
Filepage-about-links-dark.php                          [source] [47 lines]    About page links (dark)
Filepage-about-links.php                               [source] [65 lines]    About page links
Filepage-about-media-left.php                          [source] [41 lines]    About page with media on the left
Filepage-about-media-right.php                         [source] [40 lines]    About page with media on the right
Filepage-about-simple-dark.php                         [source] [45 lines]    Simple dark about page
Filepage-about-solid-color.php                         [source] [41 lines]    About page on solid color background
Filepage-layout-image-and-text.php                     [source] [32 lines]    Page layout with image and text.
Filepage-layout-image-text-and-video.php               [source] [65 lines]    Page layout with image, text and video.
Filepage-layout-two-columns.php                        [source] [73 lines]    Page layout with two columns.
Filepage-sidebar-blog-posts-right.php                  [source] [87 lines]    Blog posts with right sidebar block pattern
Filepage-sidebar-blog-posts.php                        [source] [79 lines]    Blog posts with left sidebar block pattern
Filepage-sidebar-grid-posts.php                        [source] [77 lines]    Grid of posts with left sidebar block pattern
Filepage-sidebar-poster.php                            [source] [65 lines]    Poster with right sidebar block pattern
Filequery-default.php                                  [source] [50 lines]    Default posts block pattern
Filequery-grid.php                                     [source] [32 lines]    Grid of posts block pattern
Filequery-image-grid.php                               [source] [36 lines]    Grid of image posts block pattern
Filequery-irregular-grid.php                           [source] [170 lines]   Irregular grid of posts block pattern
Filequery-large-titles.php                             [source] [26 lines]    Large post titles block pattern
Filequery-simple-blog.php                              [source] [38 lines]    Simple blog posts block pattern
Filequery-text-grid.php                                [source] [31 lines]    Text-based grid of posts block pattern

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