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Filecontent-cover.php        [source] [182 lines]   Displays the content when the cover template is used.
Filecontent.php              [source] [94 lines]    The default template for displaying content
Fileentry-author-bio.php     [source] [33 lines]    The template for displaying Author info
Fileentry-header.php         [source] [75 lines]    Displays the post header
Filefeatured-image.php       [source] [43 lines]    Displays the featured image
Filefooter-menus-widgets.php [source] [119 lines]   Displays the menus and widgets at the end of the main element. Visually, this output is presented as part of the footer element.
Filemodal-menu.php           [source] [148 lines]   Displays the menu icon and modal
Filemodal-search.php         [source] [34 lines]    Displays the search icon and modal
Filenavigation.php           [source] [61 lines]    Displays the next and previous post navigation in single posts.
Filepagination.php           [source] [60 lines]    A template partial to output pagination for the Twenty Twenty default theme.

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