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Filecolor-scheme-control.js      [source] [78 lines]    Add a listener to the Color Scheme control to update other color controls to new values/defaults. Also trigger an update of the Color Scheme CSS when a color is changed.
Filecustomize-preview.js         [source] [35 lines]    Live-update changed settings in real time in the Customizer preview.
Filefunctions.js                 [source] [134 lines]   Theme functions file.
Filehtml5.js                     [source] [9 lines]     
Filekeyboard-image-navigation.js [source] [22 lines]    Twenty Fifteen keyboard support for image navigation.
Fileskip-link-focus-fix.js       [source] [26 lines]    Makes "skip to content" link work correctly in IE9, Chrome, and Opera for better accessibility.

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