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WordPress Image Editor

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wp_image_editor( $post_id, $msg = false )   X-Ref
Loads the WP image-editing interface.

since: 2.9.0
param: int         $post_id Post ID.
param: bool|object $msg     Optional. Message to display for image editor updates or errors.

wp_stream_image( $image, $mime_type, $attachment_id )   X-Ref
Streams image in WP_Image_Editor to browser.

return: bool True on success, false on failure.
since: 2.9.0
param: WP_Image_Editor $image         The image editor instance.
param: string          $mime_type     The mime type of the image.
param: int             $attachment_id The image's attachment post ID.

wp_save_image_file( $filename, $image, $mime_type, $post_id )   X-Ref
Saves image to file.

return: bool
since: 2.9.0
param: string $filename
param: WP_Image_Editor $image
param: string $mime_type
param: int $post_id

_image_get_preview_ratio( $w, $h )   X-Ref
Image preview ratio. Internal use only.

return: float|int Image preview ratio.
since: 2.9.0
param: int $w Image width in pixels.
param: int $h Image height in pixels.

_rotate_image_resource( $img, $angle )   X-Ref
Returns an image resource. Internal use only.

return: resource|false GD image resource, false otherwise.
since: 2.9.0
param: resource  $img   Image resource.
param: float|int $angle Image rotation angle, in degrees.

_flip_image_resource( $img, $horz, $vert )   X-Ref
Flips an image resource. Internal use only.

return: resource (maybe) flipped image resource.
since: 2.9.0
param: resource $img  Image resource.
param: bool     $horz Whether to flip horizontally.
param: bool     $vert Whether to flip vertically.

_crop_image_resource( $img, $x, $y, $w, $h )   X-Ref
Crops an image resource. Internal use only.

return: resource (maybe) cropped image resource.
since: 2.9.0
param: resource $img Image resource.
param: float    $x   Source point x-coordinate.
param: float    $y   Source point y-cooredinate.
param: float    $w   Source width.
param: float    $h   Source height.

image_edit_apply_changes( $image, $changes )   X-Ref
Performs group of changes on Editor specified.

return: WP_Image_Editor WP_Image_Editor instance with changes applied.
since: 2.9.0
param: WP_Image_Editor $image   WP_Image_Editor instance.
param: array           $changes Array of change operations.

stream_preview_image( $post_id )   X-Ref
Streams image in post to browser, along with enqueued changes
in $_REQUEST['history']

return: bool
since: 2.9.0
param: int $post_id

wp_restore_image( $post_id )   X-Ref
Restores the metadata for a given attachment.

return: stdClass Image restoration message object.
since: 2.9.0
param: int $post_id Attachment post ID.

wp_save_image( $post_id )   X-Ref
Saves image to post along with enqueued changes
in $_REQUEST['history']

return: \stdClass
since: 2.9.0
param: int $post_id

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