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Filebuddypress-activity-post-form.js [source] [788 lines]   [Activity description]
Filebuddypress-activity.js           [source] [870 lines]   [Activity description]
Filebuddypress-group-invites.js      [source] [854 lines]   [Nouveau description]
Filebuddypress-member-invites.js     [source] [67 lines]    Handles the dynamic parts of the Member's Pending Invitations screen.
Filebuddypress-messages.js           [source] [1484 lines]  [Nouveau description]
Filebuddypress-notifications.js      [source] [141 lines]   [Activity description]
Filebuddypress-nouveau.js            [source] [885 lines]   [Nouveau description]
Filebuddypress-xprofile.js           [source] [79 lines]    This an ugly copy from Legacy's buddypress.js for now
Filecustomizer.js                    [source] [71 lines]    

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