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bbPress Common AJAX Functions Common AJAX functions are ones that are used to setup and/or use during bbPress specific, theme-side  AJAX requests.

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Functions that are not part of a class:

bbp_ajax_url()   X-Ref
Output the URL to use for theme-side bbPress AJAX requests

since: 2.3.0 bbPress (r4543)

bbp_get_ajax_url()   X-Ref
Return the URL to use for theme-side bbPress AJAX requests

since: 2.3.0 bbPress (r4543)
return: string

bbp_is_ajax()   X-Ref
Is this a bbPress AJAX request?

since: 2.3.0 bbPress (r4543)
return: bool Looking for bbp-ajax

bbp_do_ajax( $action = '' )   X-Ref
Hooked to the 'bbp_template_redirect' action, this is also the custom
theme-side AJAX handler.

This is largely taken from admin-ajax.php, but adapted specifically for
theme-side bbPress-only AJAX requests.

since: 2.3.0 bbPress (r4543)
return: If not a bbPress AJAX request
param: string $action Sanitized action from bbp_post_request/bbp_get_request

bbp_ajax_headers()   X-Ref
Send headers for AJAX specific requests

This was abstracted from bbp_do_ajax() for use in custom theme-side AJAX

since: 2.6.0 bbPress (r6757)

bbp_ajax_response( $success = false, $content = '', $status = -1, $extras = array()   X-Ref
Helper method to return JSON response for bbPress AJAX calls

since: 2.3.0 bbPress (r4542)
param: bool $success
param: string $content
param: array $extras

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